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Alma & Victoire - Twins since 2018

Her name is Amicie. She is french, cute, funny and always relax. Amicie is a young Parisian Mum of two adorable twin sisters of 4 months old. We know Amicie since our childhood. Together with her brothers & sisters and our own siblings, we've created many, many memories each Summer, during our holidays in Bretagne. It's always very special to us, when a close friend tells us (s)hes expecting Twins. We are super happy happy to share with you today the story of Amicie & her two treasures. 

1. Hello Amicie! Tell us which part of your pregnancy was the toughest?

When I found out I was expecting not 1 but 2 babies, of course!

2. What were your best tricks to relax during your pregnancy?

I did a lot of yoga. Every day actually. I was also swimming two times each week, and I was getting a massage at least once a month throughout my entire pregnancy... i'm still having the same little ritual indeed. It's important to relax after these hard months.

3. Which diet did you opt for during your pregnancy ?

Junk food during my first three months because of the repetitive nausea. After, I ate normal. Everything but tartare, sushi, etc., of course.

4. Which fashion style you preferred to wear during your pregnancy? I spent a lot of time in my yoga " active wear", haha. Otherwise, I was very comfy in my legging, sneakers, pregnancy jeans and XL shirts. You can easily find pregnancy outfits with nice cuts and affordable.

5. What's in your daughters' closet this Summer? 

I have cute different outfits but, of course, some Twocute gems in there ! I'm so fund of Twocute matching outfits concept, "same but different " clothing. The fabrics, details and quality are always top-notch. Perfect for all Twins and siblings!

6. Alma & Victoire were born premature (6weeks). What were the challenges you have to deal with every day since then?

My daughters were born one month and half in advance with an important growth retardation for one of them. So we had to be very cautious with her weight gain at the beginning, and give her a lot of baby bottles. Then, sleeping-wise, well, it's no secret for any parents: the nights are short. Extremely short with prema babies because you need to give them a baby bottle every 2 hours. It's tough and exhausting I must say. The best is to get some help the first months if you can.

7. How do you imagine Alma & Victoire in few years?

Independent, happy, different and very accomplice I hope.

8. Last but not least...which tip would you like to share with all the parents & friends who are reading us?


This Summer, Alma & Victoire will enjoy their first holidays in our chic matching & colorful rompers.



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