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Ariel & Solal - Twins since 2015

Sometimes,  it's fantastic the way things pan out. Like that late afternoon last Spring in Belleville, when destiny decided to cross our path with Madjita and his adorable 18 months Twin sons, Ariel & Solal. That day, Madjita was struggling a bit to walk down the stairs of the subway with his double stroller. We asked if we could help him out. And after our long and passionate conversation about Twinning, we agreed to meet up 10 days later at Buttes Chaumont for a friendly family photoshoot with Ariane, the Twins' super Mum.  This is the interview of the " Magic Four ". 

Ariane and Madjita, what were your reactions when you knew you were expecting Twins?  

Ariane: At first, I just didn't really get it. It was as if I was looking for rational answers to explain what happened to us.

Majdita: On the contrary, I was totally flabbergasted. It was such a BIG surprise.

Ariel and Solal are identical but différent. Can you tell us what in their personality make them unique?  

Ariane: Solal loves to cuddle and is fearless...

Majdita: ...whereas Ariel is Mister Cheeky.  Our Cheeky Twin. 

How do you manage to differentiate your Twins ? 

Ariane: Let's say we were quite lucky. At first, when they were born, there were obvious differences.

Ariel & Solal are real toddlers. How far do they go in their latest experimentations?  

Madjita: Both of them have double energy! In no time, they can easily free themselves from their chairs and climb all the way up to the middle of the dining table. They always encourage and proudly challenge each other. Oh! And they also love to " give the bath " to their dummies and their favorite teddy bears...but in the toilet bowl.

Ariane: Have you ever seen baby pandas fighting ? Well, with Ariel & Solal, it's a bit the same. The same without all the hairs. 


If your sons were a fictional character who would they be?

Ariane:  Astérix and Obélix.

And if they were their favorite dishes ?  

Madjita:  Farfalle with tomato sauce. Both of them, without hesitation!  

Last but not least, what are your advices for all the parents of Twins (to be) who are reading us?  

Madjita: Yes, it looks tough. But trust me: it's always double the fun with Twins! 

Ariane : Get ready for a nice and unique ride! Of course, it will be tiring at first, but sooner that you think, you'll realize how blessed you are for giving life to two treasures at the same time. 


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