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Baptiste & Gabriel - Twins since 2013

Her name is Aliénor, she is French and lives since few years in Amsterdam with her little family. Aliénor is one of those wonderful Twin Mamas - just like Anne-Laure, Eva, Esther, Claudia & Diane - who gave us a bit of her precious time to answer our questions when we just started our Twocute adventures. We met Aliénor the first time two years ago. Back then, we were organising some fun "Twin-Mamas-Tupperware parties" in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam to get a full understanding of what really Twin families needed. The cute & practical press stud buttons on our sweatshirts & t-shirts... it was their idea! We are very happy to introduce you today  one of the Mamas who supported and believed in Twocute since day 1 : Aliénor et her happy gang, Baptiste, Gabriel (5Y) & Marceau (6M).

Bonjour Aliénor! What was your reaction when you found out you were expecting Twins? 

Aliénor: I cried! I'm a pedriatic nurse, so I was already dealing with a lot of premature babies at the hospital. I've never been afraid to raise two kids at the same time, but I was scared they would be premature, I must say.  But thanks God, everything went well, and I had two beautiful babies. 

Can you tell us how the first months/years went with Baptiste & Gabriel ?

Aliénor:  Super well. They were very calm! Of course, it was a hell of logistic and organisation, but we were lucky to have a lot support from pour family & friends. For us, contrary to most of other Twin parents, it really became rock'n roll after.  Between 3 and 5 years old. At this age, Baptiste & Gabriel were testing us, pushing their limits to the max, running around everywhere and being mischievous always together... it's been definitely hectic but also unforgettably fun!  

How different  are Baptiste & Gabriel? 

Both are super lively and lovely. Baptiste is a very sensitive little boy, he is patient and can really focus. Gabriel is very energetic and loves to make jokes and  everyone laughing. 

With Marceau (6 months), you are now Mom of 3 young boys. Do you see similarity in your magic trio? 

Yes, everyone is telling us how they look like. Marceau is an adorable and super happy baby. Just like his big brothers, Marceau seems to be energetic too. Let's see what lies ahead... ;) 

Do you have an anecdote that describes well your Twins' special bond? 

I really love when they jump in each other's arms after school. They do it all the time, although they saw each other few hours before in the school's playground. It's so sweet. I just have wait to get my cuddle... haha

Last but not least, do you have a final message you would like to share with our friends & all the parents(to-be) who follow Twocute adventures?

Yes. I believe we live in an era where too many of us are focusing on the future. But I think it's really important to stay connected to the present and enjoy, cherish very little precious moments.  

Thanks again Aliénor & see you soon ! :) :)  

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If I was a color... I would be yellow  (just like a sun ray)
If I was a job… I would be a commentator (il est très bavard).
If I was a fruit… I would be a little banana.
If I was an animal… I would be a kitty.
If I was a song… I would be Happy by Pharrell. 


If I was a color… I would a rainbow.
If I was a job… I would be a soccer player. 
If I was a fruit… I would be an ananas. 
If I was  an animal… I would be a jaguar.
If I was a song… I would be Shark in the water by V V Brown.

If I was a color... I would be blue.
If I was a job... I would be a soccer player.
If I was a fruit... I would be a melon.
If I was an animal... I would be a leopard.
If I was a song... I would be ABC (the alphabet to learn english).



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