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Ben & Lele | Twins since 2015

It's the first time (and not the last) Twocute Paris tells the Twinstory of a foreign family. And what a family for our first! You can't go more international than this one. Esther is German and Damien is Australian. They lived everywhere but are now based in Berlin with their adorable fraternal Twins, Ben & Lele. We met this family a year ago at Kollwitzplatz food market - around the corner from where Charlotte lives. I (Chris) was enjoying my currywurst when this cool gang passed by with their double stroller. " Look Cha! ... they must be Twins...". As they were walking past us, I only had time (and vocab) to address them one german word: " Zwillinge? " (= " Twins " ). And despite my french accent, that curry-wursted word was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. Dear Twocute family, please welcome Esther, Damien, Ben & Lele. 

What was your reaction with Damien when you heard you were expecting Twins?

Esther: When the doctor told us there were two heart beats in my belly I first thought I was carrying a baby with two hearts. It was so beyond my imagination I would ever be pregnant with Twins! Papa Damien was over the moon with excitement. On the other hand, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the news. I had always seen myself with my little baby in my arms, cuddling up on the couch and that was just very hard to imagine with two. But after 5 minutes of shock, I knew we could do it together, so I rejoined Damien on his little cloud ;-)

What is the difference in character between Ben and Lele?

Esther: Ben has certainly got the laid back Aussie mentality of his papa. He is chilled and happy with just going with the flow. He loves cuddling and is a very kind little man.

Damien: Lele is a determined little girl with lots of energy and giggles. Fear is a word she doesn't know. She wants to see all, experience all and is a little adventurer.

Do you see some similarities between them? 

Esther: They are very similar in their development. Crawling and walking they both learned within a few days of each other. And most importantly, they learn English & German languages at the same speed.

Damien: Although they both only know 10 words to date, haha.

Do you have a nice story to share about their Twin bond?

Esther: When they wake up after each other the joy to see each other again is adorable. Hugs and kisses are a must. The other day when Lele had a longer nap than Ben, he came up to me with Lele's favourite teddy bear, took my hand and walked me to the bed room in which Lele was napping. The message was clear: Mama, wake Lele up...I want to play with her.


If you had to describe Ben in one word? and Lele? 

Esther: Our Ben is kind, our Lele is adventurous.

If the Twins would be an animal, which one would each of them be? 

Damien: Ben is a true little Panda bear,  his sister Lele is the sweetest Puppy Dog.

If the Twins would be a song?

Esther: Ben would be definitely a harmonic, melody song. Lele would be rather a swinging, rocking song.

Would you say having Twins is special?

Esther: Special? More than that. It's a blessing. Sure, sometimes it's bit more work than you ever thought you could handle ;-) 

Thank you Esther & Damian! Is there anything else our readers should know?

Esther: Having twins is a special gift. Double joy, double love, double fun! There are days that are tiring but every mum and dad have them, right - whether it's with 1 kid, Twins or more.

Damien: The unique bond Twins have and the fun they have together is wonderful to witness. It makes up for every sleepless night.


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