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Daphné & Chiara - Twins since 2012

Bonjour Aude!
You are a young mother of 3 kids (one set of Twins). How did you react when you heard you were expecting Twins?
Aude : I was very surprised but delighted! A crazy journey was ahead of us! They were no Twins in our families nor our closest friends. So it was a totally new concept to us. My doctor was freaking out when she announced it to me while I was super zen and happy! I came by feeling something was different and I left feeling blessed: Life was giving me the chance to raise two little hearts for the price of one!

I was as stress as excited to announce the big news to my husband Fred. I went to buy two "doudous" (newborns' peluches), one blue and one pink and I went to meet up with him for lunch. He didn't understand why I gave him two doudous. He was so far from understanding what was happening! His first reaction was very cliché (like any men would probably do) "But how are we going to do with the car?" (Back then we didn't even have a car!!) He was thinking at every practical aspects, but slowly he became enthusiastic :)

Daphné and Chiara are alike but different. What is the specific character of each of them?
Aude : Their way of expressing their emotions and sensitivness.

Chiara is our little "tomboy", she likes to play with boys and wear pants. She is very spontaneous and impresses us. For instance, she decided from one day to the other to break the thumb-sucking habit because she decided so. Even though she was addicted! Thus, she seems strong but in reality she is very sensitive and often need to be reassured.
On the opposite, Daphné is a princess and only wants to wear dresses. She is more delicate and show more her feelings. She plays quite a bit with it actually, she likes to make us laugh and be the center of attention: a born actress ;)

One thing is obvious: when they are together they do feel VERY strong.

If you would need to describe in one word each of the Twins what would you say?

Chiara = ME! I often have the feeling to see myself through her. Especially when my mother tells me stories of my childhood. We often laugh together about it. Now I understand what she went through with me !

Daphné = A true little kitty, she loves to cuddle!

And for Apolline, their older sister, how is it to have twin little sisters?

Apolline has a developed a true mother instinct since her childhood. She always look aftter the others and especially her little sisters. She is like a second mother to them (Actually they still don't realize the chance they have to have her ;))

The three of them are very accomplice and can play, draw together for hours. At first, I was scared that Apolline would feel excluded by the special bond between the Twins but we always made sure that all three have their own space so it has never been the case.

- A little word for the parents of Twins who are reading us?

It is magical! When I was pregnant I would always find a bit cheesy parents of Twins who say "Having Twins is twice the joy". Well, I must confess: I have join the club now :)

Two things helped me to overcome the birth and stay positive:
- the Parisian Association for Twins gave me a practical guide for Twins.A must read before the birth and to keep on your bed table!
- one of my friend had Twins who were 4 months and she was handling it perfectly. Everything seemed perfect all the time and she kept a normal life. It helped me to stay positive :)

If I was a color, I would
If I was a job I would be... a firewoman
If I was a fruit, I would be... passion
If I was an animal, I would be... a squirrel

If I was a color, I would
If I was a job I would be... a policewoman 
If I was a fruit, I would be... tomato
If I was an animal, I would be... a polar bear

If I was a color, I would
If I was a job I would be... an architect
If I was a fruit, I would be... strawberry
If I was an animal, I would be... a dolphin



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