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Estée & Gaudi - Twins since 2015

" You've just gave my girls a super cool birthday present, as they will turn two tomorrow "... those were the first words we read from N'ketia - their adorable mother - when we contacted her to know if she would be up for her girls to be Twocute Angels for our new aw17 collection. And we couldn't dream of cutest Angels to represent the Twocute spirit in Netherlands.  We are super thrilled to present you this week, this Magic Gang from Amsterdam: Rik, N'ketia, cutie Twin sisters Estée & Gaudí and adorable baby sister Dante. 

What was your reaction with Rick when you heard you were expecting Twins?
N'ketia: We were so crazy happy when we found out we were having Twins, but then our doctor thought she saw a third one! At that moment we felt a lot of things, but mostly panic. She brought another doctor in to take a closer look and he could assure us it was just twins we were having. So after that, having 'only' two babies at once, felt like a relief.

What is the difference in character between Gaudí and Estée?
Rik:  Gaudí can be shy when she meets new people. But at the same time she is such a passionate girl. She's wild, she's a rebel but she'll be the first to help when chores need to be done.

Rik:  Estée is far less shy around people she hasn't met before. She can be very present because she likes to talks a lot. That's why people often think she's the oldest one. She's a calculated girl, she loves going on adventures with her sisters but makes sure she stays out of trouble.

Do you see similarities between them?
N'ketia: Curly hair but that's about it. They are very different but they are the best friends in the world.

Do you have a nice story  about their twin bond to share?
N'ketia: They are always together, if you see one sister, the other one can't be far. When they dance, they often make the same move at the same moment, without watching each other. Very special to witness. When they play rough games, they never accidentally hurt each other. How is that even possible?

Rik : When they first started to talk, they called each other 'sissy' for months. They just kept refusing to call each other by their name, no matter how and what we tried. Looking back, it was so cute. And even up to now, Estée only calls her Twin sister by her name when it's her last option.

If you had to describe Gaudí in one word? And Estée?
Rik : Gaudí is Strong-willed and  Estée is street-smart.

And for Dante -their little sister- how does it feel to have big twins sisters?
N'ketia: By the way she looks at them, you can tell how happy she is to have them and how proud she is to join this gang. She can't talk yet but she has mastered the art of squeezing her sisters into real tight hugs. And she looks up to all the wild, fun and crazy stuff they do and joins in most of it.

Any special message you would like to tell to all parents - and especially to all future parents of Twins - who are reading this?
N'ketia: The only way to make it out of (twin) parenthood alive (lol), is by constantly managing your expectations. You can plan a pretty picknick but the kids always have their own agenda, you see. And when times get rough and everything fails, try laughing things off together. 

If I was a color... I would be Orange
If I was a job... I would be CEO of something
If I was a fruit... I would be a blueberry
If I was an animal...I would be a combination of a fox and a ladybug

If I was a color...I would be Red
If I was a job... I would be a professional fencer
If I was a fruit...I would be a mandarin
If I was an animal... I would be a yellow canary (this is what she actually says herself

If I was a color...I would be Yellow
If I was a job... I would be a Circus Boss 
If I was a fruit...I would be a date
If I was an animal... I would be a big soft cat



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 N'ketia and Rik wear proudly their embroidered " Mum of Twins " and " Dad of Twins " T-shirts (available in XS, S, M, L, XL et XXL in navy blue or ecru).



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