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Inès & Clotilde - Twins since 2003

The very first time we met Inès & Clotilde was last June. They came with their Mum to our Pop Up store to pick up the t-shirts they preordered on our Kickstarter campaign. We fell in love immediately with their sweetness & it was so unique to witness their special bond. Few months later, we were not surprised when we were told Inès & Clotilde integrated the prestigious Comédie-Française for the play " Les Damnés".  We are super thrilled to present you today the story of these Parisian Twin Enjoy.

Bonjour Inès & Clotile, let's start with our favorite question. What do you prefer Vs. what can't you stand with your Twin?

Inès: Clotilde is a sensitive girl. But luckily she's also very generous and pretty.

Clotilde: Inès is fun. Really fun. But she can easily be stubborn & annoying when doesn't want to listen to what I say.

How different are you?

Inès: Clotilde is rather active and I am the chill one.

Clotilde: Inès gets annoyed easily and is less shy than I am.

How does it feel to have a Twin sister?

Inès: When someone has a sister you don't necessarily tell him everything but when you have a twin; not only you tell her/him everything but you can also not hide her/him anything! The bond is greater than with a normal sister.

Clotilde: I think it's really cool to have a sister of the same age so we can really play; exchange and share all our stories.

How do you see your Twin sister in 5 years?

Inès: In 5 years we will be 18. So I hope she will get more mature, passed her bachelor & her driver license... But otherwise, I know she'll still be stunning and super cool :)

Clotilde: Inès will be surrounded by lots of friends and will study what she always dreamt of.

Finally, what's your best Twins memory and the next big thing you are concocting together?

Inès: My best memory was last year at the first rehearsal for the play "The Damned" at the Comédie-Française. We were so stressed, we couldn't stop laughing. No one around us could understand why, but for us it was a very emotional moment. As for our next big plan, we actually have our own language " Javanese ", and we plan to speak it for at least one week. Full on. We like the idea of driving nuts our family & friends...haha haha !

Clotilde: I remember that one Christmas night. The entire family was home in the living room and were in our bedroom. Dad called Ines but I came out of  instead of her. He didn't notice a thing and it was hilarious.

How does it feel to be only 13 years old and already play at the Comédie-Française?

Inès: It is clearly a unique experience. I will never forget that very first time when I entered on stage. What an incredible feeling ! It is crazy to believe that now we belong to the "family of actors".

Clotilde: Yes. It is a one in a lifetime experience, which  makes us the both of us so happy, alive and thankful! We've met wonderful people so far and we are super thankful the "  Actors Family " accepted us. 

Did it change a lot of things in your daily life?Inès: Not really, actually. It's for our parents it changed mostly. They are the ones who are making sure our private & work life is perfectly balanced. Thank you Mummy & Daddy for killing it with our schedules. You rock !

Clotilde: The best part of it so far, is that thanks to this experience, we've met some actors I never expected to meet one day.. :)

Inès wears our Excuse mw Twin t-shirt and Clotilde wears our T-shirt I'm the other Twin t-shirt.

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