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Iris & Octavia - Twins since 2015

Iris & Octavia - aka  " @parisian_twins " - are the very first toddlers Twins who supported Twocute. We met them for the first time in February 2017 when we shot our Kickstarter campaign film. That day, their cool parents - Amandine & Charles, were also here. Few months later, this Twocute family invited us at theirs for a coffee and a #waytwocute interview. 

Bonjour Amandine & Charles! 
What was your reaction when you heard that you were expecting Twins? 
Amandine: We were simply twice happier !

Iris et Octavia are 17 months. They are clearly "Same but Different'. Did you spot any similarities between the girls in any ways?
Charles: My daughters are obviously very different.  Physically of course  - Octavia being blonde whereas Iris has brown hair - but also in terms of personalities. However, they both decided to get the same "doudou" (kids' toy plush). And when one is playing with one toy, the other one definitely needs get her hands on it. Classic.  

How would you define their personality? 
Charles: Iris is rather patient and soft.  She is often in her bedroom reading or trying to make puzzles. She speaks more than her sister and she is charming everyone when we are going for walks with the trolley :) 
Amandine: Octavia is our little explorer. She climbs everywhere, opens every cupboard and empties every shelves. On the other hand, she is a real helper: she likes to throw things in the bin and she always wants to help me dress the table or empty the washing machine! And every time Iris cries she runs to get her her doudou to cuddle her :) 

The girls are right now in their "toddlers" phase. What is their favorite activity at the moment?
Charles: These days, they truly love to play hide and seek together!

Is there already any animal Iris & Octavia adore? If yes, which one(s)?
Amandine: Their bunnies plushies. They cannot live without them! And their giant giraffe plush we have also at home. She's  twice their size. And we all have to say " Bonjour " to her every morning!

What is their favorite meal ?
Charles: They have discovered the joy of chocolate during our Easter break. And they are clearly addicted since then! Otherwise, they are in the phase "I steal everything in your plate, Mummy and Daddy ". So let's say they have new favorite meals every day.

Do you have a message for the future parents of Twins who are reading us?
People often think: having Twins is tiring. Well, you can't blame them because they have never experimented the joy of parenting Twins.  Actually, it is totally worth the effort. We are loving it! Iris & Octavia are so adorable!

Iris et Octavia ont choisi nos barboteuses ainsi que nos petites robes pour être Twocute cet été.


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