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Juliette & Laura - Twins since 1993

Bonjour Juliette & Laura! We've met few months ago in Berlin and since then, you've always marvellously Twinsupported us. You actually helped us with our Kickstarter video and everyone one on the set that day still remembers your good vibe. We are extremely happy to finally introduce today your story to all our Twocute friends.  

Let's start with our favorite question: what do you prefer Vs. what can't you stand with your Twin?

Laura: Easy. Juliette is super funny but she's the most stubborn I've ever met.  

Juliette: Haha ! Laura is a little clown too. But a little clown with a strong character. And whenever she gets upset, you don't want to be around. 

In which way(s) are you different? 

Laura: Juliette is more sensitive, more shy. She is less self-confident than me. Strangely enough, I've always perceived Juliette as my little sister rather than my twin sister...Let's say I know more what I want and I have less boundaries.  

Juliette: It's true. Laura has always been the most extrovert. I've always been the shy one in our duo. But it's a perfect balance in the end. 

Can you tell our readers what does it feel to have a twin sister? 

Laura: It's magical! We are so connected.. our relationship is a true roller coaster: we can either be super close or sometimes have mini crisis!

Juliette: It's amazing! It's a bit like having a best friend and a best enemy at the same time...! And when you look alike, it can also be practical. When you physically look alike, like we do, it's super easy to trick teachers for some exams. When we were at college, that was our favorite trick.

Laura: Haha.. those were the golden days!


How do you see your Twin sister in 5 years? 

Laura: In 5 years, we will be both architect. Finally! We will together and work on amazing projects all around the world.  

Juliette: Yes. That's our plan. And in 5 years, we will still be as close as we are today.  

Finally, what's your best Twins memory and the next big "Coup" you are concocting together?

Laura: Oulala. That' a tough one. They are way too many. But if I had to pick one, I'd say our childhood holidays together at our grand-parents. Those were the best.

Juliette: Yes, clearly the best! Otherwise, I will never forget the times we sneaked out to go clubbing when we were teenagers.    

Laura: And the next big thing we are working on together? You won't know.

Juliette: Yes. That's our little secret. But stay tuned.

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