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Konstantin & Ferdinand | Twins since 2012

Ola lives in Berlin with Konstantin & Ferdinand, her adorable 5years old Twins. Ola sent us pictures of her Two Angels at the very beginning of Twocute adventures. We quickly realized they live just around the corner from Charlotte's, in Prenzlauer Berg.. small world isn't it ! Anyway, you are about to understand why we are so in love with this Super Mom and her Magic Twins... 

 Mother of Twins


What was your reaction when you heard you were expecting Twins?

First I thought "oh nooo, no how will I manage alone?" But then, one day later I was the happiest person in the world.

You are raising the Twins on your own. Do you have any Super Mum tips to share?

Ola : Yes: get a nanny and household help if you can. And some sleep... LOTS of sleep!

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How different are Ferdinand and Konstantin?

Ola: Ferdinand is a happy, wild and independent little boy who always follows his passion. On the contrary, Konstantin is rather a sensitive little boy, very caring who loves to feel his Mummy around. 

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Do you see some similarities between your boys? 

Ola : 
When they were babies, they fall asleep at the same time and slept in the exact same positions! They are still doing a lot of things simultaneously actually.. it is quite amazing to observe!

Do you have a nice story to share about their Twin bond?

Ola: There are so many, it's quite difficult to choose and remember a specific one. Everyday is a story with them. Ferdinand and Konstantin spend all their time together, always playing together.. we can't sum up their unique relationship with only one story. They are incredibly connected, and if they are apart they always want to know where the other is. For instance, one had to go to the hospital once because of rota virus...they were both very sad to be separated from each other.. So they actually insisted for Skyping each other.. (they were only 4 years old when this story happened). Also, they would always protect each other from not kind kids.

If your Twins would be an animal, which one would they be?

Ola: Ferdinand would be a super fast Panda and Konstantin would be the cutest little butterfly.


If your Twins would be a song, which one would be?

Ola : Ferdinand would be " Born to be Wild " and Konstantin would be  " I'm kissing you " by Des'ree.

One last message for all our readers who follow Twocute's adventures? 

Twins are the most incredible teacher in listen to them carefully, and you will become a Master in Life.


If I was a color… I would be white and pink
If I was a job… I would sell boats
If I was a fruit… I would be a kiwi
If I was animal…I would be a Unicorn with white and pink wings

If I was a color… I would be white and pink

If I was a job… I would be a Dagonfighter
If I was a fruit… I would be an orange
If I was animal… I would be a leopard with strong wings

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