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Margaux & Jean | Twins since 2015

Bonjour Diane ! We know each since teeny-weeny age... actually, we grew up together. With your 3 siblings and our crew of 5 kids. From Paris to Bretagne, we made so many unforgettable childhood memories together with your family. Like us, family spirit has always been key for you. Today, you are yourself a young happy Mum of three kids: : Inès, your oldest is 4 years old, and Margaux & Jean, your adorable Twins are 2 years old. We are super thrilled to introduce your crew to our community, especially today as Margaux & Jean are turning 2. So first of all, Happy Birthday to your little ones, and here are some sweet souvenirs from last Summer spent altogether in Bretagne, with your magic gang. 

What was your reaction with Adrien when you heard you were expecting Twins? 

The reaction came late as we only found out I was pregnant of Twins at the second ultrasound scan. It was an immense joy, we always dreamt of having Twins. And at that very moment, our came true. But in reality, it didn't change much on our family plan project, it just speeded our lives up. What a honour to be parents of Twins.

Margaux & Jean are fraternal Twins :) What's so specific to each of their character?

Well, first, physically they are very different. Especially since they hair grew. Margaux is a cute little blond girl and Jean has brown hair. Now, regarding their character, the more time passes by, the more we can see obvious differences: Margaux is cheeky, charming and a very cuddling kid. On the other hand, Jean is very funny and super energetic..a true mini-Storm.



Can you feel they have a stronger bond as Twins? Any anecdotes about their relationship you would like to share?

There is clearly a special-magical-Twin-bond between them. It's hard to tell what, but always mesmerizing to witness. For instance, sometimes they would fiercely fight over the same toy, but not even one minute later, they would make peace, kiss each other and communicate in their own Twin language.


If you had to describe Margaux in one sentence? And Jean?

Contrary to what you could believe / see, it's clearly Margaux who runs the show. Jean might be faster, stronger, and particularly creative in finding new ways to mess around, Margaux is astute, determined and somehow, always managed to get the attention.



And for Inès - their older sister - how does it feel to have Twins little brother & sister ?

Inès is a very protective and caring big sister, always making sure her the Twins are okay, and entertained. But sometimes, it's hard for Inès to find her own place in the Twins' duo. She has to fight for it, but we are here with her Dad to help. 


A last anecdote/message you would like to tell to all the parents (& especially to all the future parents of Twins) who are reading us?

One day, Inès sweetly told us: " Dad, Mom...the man who gave us two babies at once is so nice "… she already knew it all :) Apart from this, remember: in life, there are no hardships you can't overcome. Look at us, parents of Twins!



If I was a color, I would be...Pink
If I was a job, I would be...a Businesswoman
If I was a fruit, I would be... a Coconut
If I was an animal, I would be...a Tiger

If I was a color, I would be... Pink
If I was a job, I would be... a Journalist
If I was a fruit, I would be... Grapes
If I was an animal, I would... a Cat

If I was a color, I would be... Blue
If I was a job, I would be... a Wrestler
If I was a fruit, I would be... an Apple
If I was an animal, I would... a Lion

Last Summer, Inès wore our adorable Full Moon dress and our cute Who Wants to be My Twin? t-shirt . Margaux wore our chic Sunny Stripes dress and our soft Moon Stripes legging to perfectly match with Jean's Sunny Stripes legging. 



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