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Max & Louis - Twins since 1986

Over the last 30 years, Louis & Max have always played the same way: cheeky. And it's always a delight to witness such complicity between Twin brothers. Louis & Max might look and be very different, but most importantly they are complementary. And that's what makes their story truly unique. 

Louis & Max - Twins since 1987

Hello Louis & Max! Let's start with our interviewees' s favorite question: what do you prefer from your Twin?  

Louis: He's never afraid of being ridiculous. And also his protective appearance (he just has few muscles more than I do). With him on your side, you somehow have the feeling nothing can happen.  I also enjoy his old school humour, totally opposite from mine, but that's what makes it interesting. Max is my best friend. We are brothers and lucky us, Twins! And despite all our differences, we do embody everything the word friendship stands for.

Max: I admire Louis serene strength and for being incredibly inspiring every day.  

On the contrary, what can't you bear from your Twin ?

Louis: Max is not the best at making compromises. Especially with someone who disappointed him in the first place. It's difficult for him to realize that sometimes he actually can be wrong too. Also, he uses way too often his physical assets to intimidate or solve a situation for his benefit. I don't really like it whenever that happens. I've never been a big fan of tricks. Actually, we only fight when Max behaves like that. 

Max: Louis loves to keep his circles of friends and secrets just for him. I'm the exact opposite. I love to share it all.. without necessary waiting for something in return. But I must admit: this contrast can sometimes be a bit frustrating.

How different are you ?

Max: I'm more extrovert, flexible but also sometimes too candid. Louis is my opposite. He's a mild person but sometimes his decisions can be too stiff too.

Louis: I think we both have a strong character. But i'm quite sure I'm the most flexible and diplomatic one in our duo. Max is often too radical. He's a doer whereas I might be more a dreamer. He knows precisely what's the best for him and his future, and how to get things done to get there. It's more complicated for me. I realize that he goes faster than I do. But I guess Max is less sensitive than me regarding the state of the world.

How do you picture your Twin in 5 years? 

Louis: It depends of few things. In his private life, well, he's already married and he'll still be - haha. But in 5 years time, Max will be a Dad. If by then they will only have one kid with his wife Alexandra, I guess they will be keen to embrace new adventures abroad, professionally speaking. But if a "number two"  is on its way, well, I bet he will settle with his family in France. And of course he will have a dog and a Range Rover... haha.  As for now, Max is just at the beginning of a promising career as a consultant. But you never know with Max. He has an entrepreneur spirit. I won't be surprised if one day he wants to fly with his own wings, doing something totally different. And with me as his partner, who knows ;)

Max: Louis has already found his career path, but in 5 years he would have found the key of success to honour his huge potential. And ultimately, that will have a massive positive impact in his private life. His success will smoothen his character and will likely increase his chance to meet his soulmate.

A brother Vs. a Twin brother. What's actually the big difference?

Max: You can't even compare. To be a Twin is like being from a special family,  it's like being a happy few - second degree joke -  which always intrigues the others and even sometimes make them jealous. When you are a Twin, you constantly grow up & learn life's rituals at the very same time. It's an amazing feeling.

Louis: We are fraternal twins, so frankly, I have no clue. And we also have a little brother with whom we are super close. So at ours,  it's always been " three brothers with two born the same day " rather than " the Twins and the small brother ". At least, that's how I've always felt it. But in the end, having a Twin with whom you share everything every day, it actually makes your life simpler. You always know where you'll end up sleeping Saturday night, it's like having you best friend home. Nice, right ;)  

You best Twins memory and your next big "Coup" you are concocting together? 

Max:  I can't think of one in particular. It's all those moments of complicity, with a private joke, with a quote from a film or even those moments when just a look in our eyes says it all, to feel understood. The next big thing we are preparing now is a family trip in Venise to see our little brother at a festival.

Louis: It's hard to pick. There are so many. But the most epic for me lately was my speech for his wedding. It might sound a bit pretentious but, who cares: it was a very special and intimate moment, even surrounded by 150 guests. Other than than, we are planning soon to take over Twocute... haha!

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