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Nicolas & Thibaut - Twins since 1987

Hello Nicolas & Thibaut! We know you since our childhood, so here's our promise: no tricky questions my friends. To begin with, tell us what are the virtues & shortcomings of your Twin brother ?

Thibaut: And you said no tricky questions, huh?

Nicolas: Haha!

Thibaut : Nicolas is funny but he has the tendency to ask himself way too many questions.

Nicolas: "Tibs" is the joie de vivre embodied. His only weakness: he's so messy.


What are the main differences between your personalities?

Thibaut : Nico is Mister Super Active. And let's say I'm a bit more relax. Nico is super chatty, I only speak when I really need to.

Nicolas: It's true that I love to question myself, haha! Tibs, on the contrary, is very focused, he has in plan in his mind all set. But I'm the tidiest. Go see his bedroom and you'll understand. It's a war zone. 

How does it feel to live together, with your Twin ?

Nicolas: It's amazing! We know each other from A to Z, so it's super smooth to share our space and communicate on a daily basis.

Thibaut: And most importantly: our parents are delighted. We optimize their time whenever they pay us a visit.

How do you see your Twin in 5 years?

Thibaut: Nicolas will be the best real estate agent in Paris, married and happy because he'd finally listened to all my wise advises.

Nicolas: Tibs would have finally make his dream come true: open the best bar in Paris.


 What is your best Twinsouvenir, and the next big thing you are planning together?

Nicolas: When Tibs used to live in London and I was studying in Dublin. That were the golden days. I flew to him for weekend getaways, and we discovered together London legendary underground parties. Yes, we are both party animals.

Thibaut: And we also love online sports betting. So don't be surprised if in few years we hit the jackpot. If not, we will always be happy with the "magimix cook expert" our Mum recently offered us. Nothing better than a Twins dinner in tête-à-tête !




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