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Victoire & Sibylle - Twins since 2017

We met Pascaline and Hector few years ago when we lived in Sydney. Since 8 months, they are the happy parents of adorable identical twin sisters, Victoire & Sibylle. So as you can imagine, it feels very special for us to introduce you to this amazing family today, as Pascaline & Hector are our first close friends who had Twins (pictures: Catherine de Torquat)

What was your reaction when you heard you were expecting Twins?

Pascaline : Well, the first three months you imagine every day your little baby in your bump. And then suddenly you discover all this time there were two babies inside. We never expected this although one day, weirdly enough, a waiter at restaurant bet we would get Twins).  . When it was officially real, it was quite a shock I must say. We had no clue what we didn't sign for. We onboarded towards the unknown. It was a weird double feeling. A bit scared but so happy at the same time. When we saw the girls on the monitor screen at the echography we laughed, we cried, we couldn't believe our eyes.  Again, funny enough, that day when we left the doctor's building, we bumped into a stroller with... Twins!
And what was also your families and friends' reaction?  

Hector : Actually,  it was quite fun. We all announced them in the same way: "Guys, we have something to tell you... Pascaline is pregnant ! ". Everybody exploded of joy and we waited everyone to congratulate us before adding: ... but there's not only one baby... there are two ! " 

Pascaline : At first, Hector's family couldn't believe it. They wanted to see the echography. My family was also very surprised and overwhelmed by the news.  We had all kind of reactions around us, indeed.  Many " olala good luck guys... ! ", but luckily also more enthusiastic reactions. Some were envious actually and told us they " always dreamt of having Twins! ". Anyway, generally speaking, people were all surprised, excited and very happy about it. We knew we were embarking into something very special.

Can you feel they have a stronger bond as Twins? Any anecdotes about their relationship you would like to share?
Pascaline :  The day they were born, Victoire & Sibylle shared the same cradle. They were always sleeping against each other, and always sniffing each other. The next day following their birth, we captured a beautiful picture of their unique bond. A magic moment. They were holding tight their tiny little hands above their heads. So sweet.  Now, the girls are 8 months old and day-after-day, they are interacting more together, staring at and smiling to each other, speaking together in their own and coded language. From outside when you observe it, it really feels they are true mutal game partner.

How do you see Sibylle in 5 years? And Victoire?
Hector : If they keep the same personalities as today, Sibylle will be a sensitive little girl, a good observer, affectionate and patient.
On the other hand, Victoire will be an energetic little girl, very funny and communicative.

You are currently in the the midst of baby bottles and short nights. Do you have any secret(s) that help(s) you to keep the rythm? 

Pascaline: It's very simple. What gives us energy is the awareness of our luck of being parents of two child at the same time.
It gives  so much joy, double thrill everyday. When you become parent, Life has a total new meaning. 

Final question les amis, any special message you would like to tell to all parents - and especially to all future parents of Twins - who are reading this?

Hector : In this adventure, we realized how the Twin community is self-supportive. It's very reassuring to know we can rely on our new family, our Twin Gang indeed. Last but not least, when you become parent of Twins, everything comes in double: twice more suprises, twice more love, twice more Everything. Soon, you'll realize it as well :)


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