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Tara & Joseph - Twins since 2014

We are so happy to introduce you to a new cool & friendly Parisian family. A dream team with whom you never get bored ! Meet Marion, Amaury & their adorable 3 years old Twins: Tara & Joseph. 


Amaury: The doctor told us that there was something "special". When he said it, I was hallucinating. Marion was holding my hand and told me "we have to stay strong together". I was the last one in my group of friends not married and without kids. When we announced to my friends that we were expecting Twins, everybody laughed of course & was super thrilled for us. Since then, our lives has totally changed.

Marion: The first minute... I was in total panic. We were not yet married with Moze, going out quite often, and to be honest, I could not see how we would be able to do it. But then, there was some kind of emotional reverse. I was so happy and proud to carry two babies at the same time. Life has changed but... really for the better. We do everything at 200%. We do sleep less but it also mean we make sure to enjoy every moment! We give it all! Sure, it's truly exhausting.. but we enjoy life at full motion.

You both work full-time. As busy parents of Twins, what are tips you can share to overcome the daily life? 

Marion: A flexible nanny, grand-parents who want to spend time with their grand-children, a great logistic. Everyone in the family must somehow become multitasking.. and, most importantly, being good at delegating.

Amaury: Same answer! Ask for help as often as possible.

What are the differences in character between Tara and Jo?

Amaury: Joseph is sensitive little his daddy! Tara, she is Miss Happy with an incredible energy.

Marion: Joseph is our Mister curious of everything,  and Tara is our little rebel..already so independant (we sometimes have the feeling we have a 3 years old teenager at home).

Do you have a nice story to share about their Twin bond?

Marion: The first time they went to school, Jo was crying...but Tara took his hand and told him "It's okay Jo; we will be fine". Otherwise when we  scold one, the other one cares and give the best cuddles to comfort. I have the feeling there is a lot of empathy between Twins in those kind of moments.

Amaury: Two words are enough to sum up it all: double trouble !

Thank you Marion & Amaury!  Is there anything else our readers should know?

Marion: Let it go, let it flow!  When you need a quiet moment, it's not a big deal if they watch a kids TV show. Do not put pressure on yourself. You are raising Twins; you deserve to do what you want :) 

If Tara and Jo would answer to those questions now:


If I was a color... Yellow
If I was a job...Joker
If I was a fruit, I would be...a Pear
If I was an animal, I would be... a horse


If I was a color... Green
If I was a job...Joker
If I was a fruit, I would abricot
If I was an animal, I would be... a rabbit


It's always better to feel cozy to play around ! Tara wears our intemporal Cat & Mouse grey dress, and Joseph matches his sisters with our intemporal Cat & Mouse green sweaters.  

So happy to be parents of Twins, Marion and Amaury are proudly wearing their embroidered " Mum of Twins " and " Dad of Twins " T-shirts (available in  XS, S, M, L, XL et XXL in navy blue or ecru).



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