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The Twinzine Angels - Twins since 2014

Annemarie is a young Dutch mom from Amsterdam of 3 adorable kids. One boy of 7 years old and identical twin daughters of 4 years old. Annemarie has not only the same first name of our Koala Mum. She loves all Twins & siblings as much as we do, as you can see on her blog & instagram account @Twinzine. Annemarie has been an amazing Twinsupport to us since the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, always up for spreading the Twinspirit with Twinzine & Twocute and it means a lot to us.Since few months, one of us - Christophe - lives also in Amsterdam. So we were lucky to meet up Annemarie & the kids couple of times and do 2 photoshoots with this lovely family. We are super excited to share Annemarie & her Gang’s story today with you.


Bonjour Annemarie! What was your reaction when you heard you were expecting Twins?

Annemarie: I was in shock! My grandfather and my mom are both twins, but fraternal. So I didn't expect to get the identical version. I was really scared, because this pregnancy was risky and I had a miscarriage before. What if I would lose one or two babies this time? I was also afraid I wouldn't have anymore time for my son, who was 2 at the time, after the babies were born. But I was lucky the girls were born in good health and everything went quite well with our new "family situation". My son turned out to be a really relaxed big brother.


How different are your girls?

A : Very different. They even have different foods, drinks and candy they prefer! One is more cautious, the other one just takes a risk now and then. One remembers the sad part of the movie, the other one the fun part. One is more of a diva who knows what she wants, the other one is really relaxed and nonchalant. One takes on the big sister role more often, the other one will be the crazy little sis. I could go on like this... I think they even have different voices, but not everyone hears it. ;-)

Do you see some similarities between your girls?

A : Of course in their appearance, although to me as a parent it's very obvious who's who. While they don't always have the same taste in food, clothes and toys there are so many things they both love. Sometimes I think it's just because there's always another girl of the same age and with the same look they want to choose different. That it's the result of them being Twins.

Do you have a nice story to share about their Twin bond

A :  Well, I was once in the bathroom with one girl and the other one was downstairs with her big brother and dad. I heard a 'bang' and then crying. I said out loud: " Oh, something happened... ". My daughter who was with me stayed really calm and told me: " yes Mom, my sister fell on the table and now her face hurts ". It was like she was there, witnessed it and knew it was going to be okay. When we came downstairs I asked my husband what happened and it was exactly that. It was weird and special at the same time and it made me cry.


Merci Annemarie & have a beautiful Summer with your TwinZine Gang!



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