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William & Thibaut - Twins since 1988

Bonjour William & Thibaut ! We've met few months ago for our Kickstarter campaign video (thanks again for your help!) and since then, it feels we've known each other forever. We are extremely happy to finally introduce today your story to all our Twocute friends.  

Let's start with our favorite question: what do you prefer Vs. what can't you stand with your Twin?

Thibaut: William's greatest quality is his generosity. I also enjoy the fact he admires me (but that's more pressure on me) and of course, I love his humour.  I love my brother but I also love my big brother ! However, William always wants to be right. 

William: Same. I love Thibaut great sense of humour and his generosity.  But I can't stand when he's drunk because I think then he's not funny and I can easily lose patience. 


In which way(s) are you different?

Thibaut: William hates to be wrong whereas I'm always learning from my mistakes. William has seen it all whereas I'm discovering a new thing every day. Haha, I'm sure he will enjoy my answer. 

William: I'm rather rational and responsible and let's say Thibaut is often out of control... haha. 

How do you see your Twin sister in 5 years? 

Thibaut: Still the same. But I guess geographically speaking, he will probably not be as close as today. Where? I don't know.

William:  In 5 years, Thibaut will have a wife, a Mini-him, sunken eyes but still the same amazing energy !


Can you tell our readers what's the difference between having a brother and a twin brother?  

Thibaut: I often say that having a Twin when you are a kid, it's as if you are living with your best friend with even stronger secrets. You share and live your life at the same rhythm. I guess not everyone can stand that, but I must say it is a unique experience. 

Last but not least, what's your best Twins memory and the next big thing you are concocting together?

Thibaut: They are so many, but there's one I really like. We were at college, and teachers struggled a lot to make the difference between us. They could never tell who's who, which was great as we were messing quite a lot at that time. But one day, we had to go to the Director's office and based on a list, we were asked to tell them who did what. I've lost that day.. haha. And our next big thing will be of course our 30th anniversary celebration. 

William: Tough last question. All our memories are different and unique. But I will never forget when we had a very long gale of laughter in India. We were invited at the table of a very respected local businessman. The pressure was so high around, we couldn't keep our serious. And we laughed just him and I. We couldn't stop. And our next big coup?  Seriously, I have no clue. We actually never plan things in advance. We've always loved surprises and when things are unpredictable. But we are turning 30 years old next year, so we will make sure it will make " Boom ". 

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