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Today, we announce with a twinge of heart that the Twocute adventure is coming to an end.

For 2 years, we gave everything. At first full time ... and then after 1 year we also had full time jobs.
We quickly realised that being an entrepreneur is great ... but if you're not 200% committed, it´s close to impossible to make it.
Ideas we'll always have plenty in stock ... but sometimes you have to know how to get back to reason.
Today, for small labels like Twocute, even if you offer affordable prices and you produce with ethics, it's almost impossible to challenge the big brands that offer new products, collection at lower prices all year around.
The textile world is complex. And we learned a lot these past 2 years.
Twocute: it was 2 years of our life, to work together between Twinies.
But above all, a lot of human adventure.
Thanks again

Long live the free brotherhood.
Cha & Chris
Twins since 1987 
PS: We still have some pieces from our old collections. Everything is at -50% and nothing is above 25 € ... it's time to treat yourself :-)
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