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Made by Twins for Twins

We are Charlotte & Christophe - Twins since 1987 - raised in a family of 5 kids born in just 3 years (our lucky parents had two sets of Twins). Charlotte is the little one with brown eyes, Christophe is the little blond one with blue eyes. Charlotte is organised whereas Christophe is rather cheeky. Cha lives in Berlin, Chris is back in Paris. She loves to cook for hours, he can spend nights on a dance-floor.
We are proudly different since 1987, but we are complementary & best friends forever. 



Twocute is a Parisian label created in 2017 by french Twins - Charlotte & Christophe - made for Twins & families. Being Twin ourselves, there's at least one thing we do know: every Twin is different. That's why we only make complementary clothes: to better celebrate the Twins duality and their special bond. Designed with love in Paris, our collections are crafted ethically in our Portugese factory. We use the highest cotton quality standards and silkscreen printing  to ensure the maximum of comfiness for your littles ones and families. Oh! And if you don't have a Twin, that's fine. We never ask for twin birth certificates, because everyone has the right to be Twocute. 



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