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Twocute x Fanatenane

Fanatenane. This word probably doesn't mean anything to you but in Madagascar for some this word means everything. It means "Hope" in Malagasy.


Since 1996, Fanatenane is also the name of the French-Malagasy association which saves abandoned babies everything to welcome and raise the "Cursed Twins" from Madagascar. 

For the back story,  because of contradictory legends, two tribes - the Antambahoaka and some clan members of the Antémoro in the region of Mananjary (South East of Madagascar) - believe that Twins are a curse, and reject them. Thus, in this part of the world Twins are excluded from the community and their families, since centuries.

Fanatenane was created to save those Twin babies, to raise them and educate them until they turn 18 years old.  These newborn Twins are welcomed at the Social and Medical Center "Marie Christelle" - which belongs to Fanatenane -  with the help of the Children Court of Mananjary. 


Fanatenane's mission is to combat abandonment through awareness-raising and education campaigns. Fanatenane’s objectives are towards the children. They want to have a social, health and educational role to ensure a better life for those kids in their environment.

Twocute fully supports Fanatenane. We want to raise awareness about this unthinkable Twins situation in Madagascar and we hope you can rally to Fanatenane's mission too. Fanatenane is looking for sponsors who can help financially to support its action. The sponsor is a regular donation. One can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual donation. It is the best way to support the well-being of the kids.


Those children need a lot of things, but your support can make the difference. In just a few clicks below, you can now help the "Cursed Twins" from Madagascar.

Either with a donation or with a sponsoring. Or simply by spreading the word about Fanatenane.

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